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Nutribullet Smoothie Recipes for Weight-Loss, Detox

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Details: Grady Harp: Hall of Fame, Top 100 Reviewer, Vine Voice“Stop thinking and start whizzing.” Movie Maker "Rik", Vine Voice Just terrific, and well priced! Tons of feel great recipes, but TWO of them are particularly outstanding! Read on!

Nutribullet Recipe Book makes it so quick & easy to utilize all of the nutrients that natural foods have to offer in fresh, delicious & tasty smoothies.

On the day you start using your Nutribullet you'll receive a huge boost to your body & wellbeing. The boost of vitamins, nutrients, minerals & antioxidants will start restoring you to your natural balance by cleansing & detoxing with the result being that you feel happier & more energetic than you've felt in a long time!

As well as feeling amazing & so full of energy, you'll very soon notice the weight dropping off & your skin looking incredibly radiant. Furthermore, you'll find your that blood pressure & cholesterol levels will drop to optimum healthy levels. Your organ health, metabolism & immune system will all get that boost that you so much desire. It goes without saying that you'll have a longer, happier & healthy life.

All of these benefits (& so much more) in the time it takes to throw a few ingredients into a big cup & with a quick & simple press of a button! .Nutribullet smoothies are powerful because they extract every last drop of goodness that your raw & natural produce have to offer. You'll be shocked when you realise how much nutritional value you throw away by taking off the skin, stem & seeds from fruit & veg.

Incidently, this is a great way to get your kids to have their fruit and vegetables with all of the vitamins, minerals & nutrients they need in a very quick & delicious way. They may even enjoy making the smoothies themselves!

Nutribullet Recipe Book concentrates on seven main areas of smoothie recipes: Healthy Heart Detoxification Weight Loss Radiant Skin Energy Boost Anti-Aging Super Foods
The Nutribullet recipes include: Chia Seed Rainforest Smoothie Berry Breakfast Smoothie Flat Belly Smoothie Smoothie for Radiant Skin Shamrock Smoothie Antioxidant Anti-Aging Smoothie Raw Mint Chocolate Smoothie Bananarama Smoothie. Take a step towards a longer, healthier & happier life. A life with more energy, more time & less weight. Your new radiance &that confidence awaits you. You won't regret buying the Nutribullet Recipe Book!

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