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30 Days Free Return

Aloe Vera Gel Color Changing Lipstick


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Luxurious Colors:  Eye-catching shades designed for any occasion. Whether it is a day in class, the office, or a night out with friends. You will find the right shade to match your style.

Efficacy;The lipstick is made of natural organic aloe, olive, honey and other nutrients. Aloe lipstick is rich in natural moisturizing factors and vitamins. It can effectively improve the dry and peeling lips, repair the injured lip muscle, deeply moisturize the lips, and make the lips lasting. Moisturizing

Color Changing: Change color according to the temperature and humidity of lips
Moisturizing Ingredients: Effectively improves the dryness and peeling of the lips, deeply moisturizes lips Easy to Carry: Small and lightweight, easy to carry

Lipstick easily broke in transit. Although we conscientiously do a shockproof and protection measures are still unable to avoid bumps and chaos fall. if the head of paste, break or fall off from the base, you can be equipped with a lip brush or back deck continue to be used directly. Thanks!!!


  • Type: Aloe Vera Lipstick Beauty Cosmetic
  • Color: just one Color show as the picture
  • Shelf Life : 3 Years

Package Content:

1 pc Lipstick