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30 Days Free Return

Eyebrow Powder Stamp


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New design: New brow powder. No skills required, suitable for lazy people and beginners. Simply stamp your favorite eyebrows evenly(right and left) ,only a few seconds to draw the perfect eyebrow shape.

 Perfect eyebrow powder: Evenly Shaped,No Mess, No Fail. Long lasting - It will last for long time on your until you decide to take it off.

More natural: natural color that will make your makeup more natural and perfect. It is easy to draw the classic eyebrow and will creat the natural and perfect eyebrow shape.

How to use: 1. Take out the brow stamp, press it on the eyebrow powder box, then friction it from left to right until the stamp is full of the powder.2. Position the stamp at your brow bone to determine placement. And then gently place the stamp against the skin and press.
3,Touch up if needed. If you still don't know how to use the product, please watch the product use video.