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Magnetic Eyelashes Eyeliner Set


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TO BEGINNERS: Gently shake the magnetic eyeliner a few times before use. Then apply the eyeliner to the eyelid, applying several coats to increase its magnetism. When the eyeliner is almost dry, place your magnetic false eyelashes onto the application and make minor adjustments. To suit most people, we have made it as convenient as possible.

How do I remove it? First, apply a cotton pad moistened with make-up remover to the eye area, wait 1-2 minutes and gently remove the magnetic eyelashes. Next, remove your eye make-up in the way you prefer. Magnetic lashes can be reused if you remove the stain after each use and keep it well.

Magnetic Eyeliner is waterproof and long-lasting and gives off virtually no smell. You can walk with abandon, even in the rain, but make sure you apply the magnetic eyeliner several times to increase its magnetic properties. Safe technology is used to make the magnetic eyelashes last as long as possible, but you are still reminded to remove your make-up before resting at night time.

Our magnetic eyeliner contains magnetic ingredients and no longer requires lash glue like traditional fake eyelashes. The possibility of allergies is greatly reduced. Simply apply 2-3 coats of magnetic eyeliner to the eyelid like a normal eyeliner to enhance its magnetism.

MAGNETIC EYELASHES KIT: Our product contains 5 pairs of magnetic false lashes and 2 magnetic eyeliners. 5 pairs of magnetic lashes in different styles and lengths. Suitable for many occasions, school, work, parties, dates etc.


  • Product category: false eyelashes
  • Production process: pure handmade
  • Specification: 5 pairs of packages (50g 14*14.7*1.8)

Package Content
Magnetic Eyelashes*1