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Prowise Marine Collagen with Hyaluronic Acid 1100mg

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WHY TAKE TYPE 1 HYDROLYSED MARINE COLLAGEN: Collagen is found naturally throughout the body, including the skin, bones, tendons, and connective tissues; however, collagen production declines with age, stress, and strenuous physical activity. Our Type 1 marine collagen tablets are easily absorbed by the body, supporting normal skin, bone, joint, and blood vessel function. Collagen peptides are also high in amino acids, which aid in the maintenance of a healthy keto diet.

ENRICHED WITH HYALURONIC ACID, BIOTIN, VITAMIN C & E: Our most advanced formulation contains a proprietary blend of Skin Supporting Nutrients such as Biotin, Iodine, Zinc, Copper, & B2, all contribute to the maintenance of normal skin (Claims substantiated by EFSA). This powerful combination of hydrating Hyaluronic acid & Vitamin C to encourage Natural Collagen formation for the function of skin, bones, teeth, & blood vessels makes our marine collagen supplements the ultimate skincare ritual.

BACKED BY SCIENCE, LED BY NATURE: Our team of in-house experts nutritionists and formulators work tirelessly to ensure our products are backed by the latest science and research. Our collagen supplements for women and men are no exception.

PREMIUM QUALITY - EASY TO SWALLOW MARINE COLLAGEN CAPSULES: Enhance your daily health and well-being routine with Prowise Healthcare's Marine Collagen Complex! Our (in - house) R&D team of leading professionals combines insights from the edge of science and expertise to ensure the quality, purity, and potency of our collagen supplements. Our hydrolysed collagen has NO artificial colours and flavours; and is Non-GMO, Gluten-Free, Dairy-Free.Only pure and active ingredients.

WHAT'S THE STORY BEHIND THE PROWISE HEALTHCARE?: Prowise Healthcare is a well-known and trusted Vitamins & Supplements brand that has served thousands of customers worldwide for over 6 years. Our products are made & certified in the UK to the highest manufacturing standards in the world(GMP, BRC) using the ­best ingredients sourced. A percentage of profits from this purchase will go to Vitamin Angels, reducing preventable diseases in children under the age of five in 70 countries worldwide.

Prowise Collagen+ capsules are natural food supplement containing an unparalleled blend of Type 1 & 2 pure hydrolysed marine collagen, made in the UK using only the finest quality premium grade Collagen. Hydrolysed marine collagen is the form which has been used more extensively in research to show the health support effects of collagen on skin, bone and tissue.

Depletion of collagen in the skin is the main reason for the formation of lines and wrinkles. It is thought that from the age of 25, your body loses collagen at a rate of 1.5% per annum, so by the age of 35, your body will have lost 15% and by 45, 30%. This is when you really start to notice a change in your skin's elasticity and texture. Proper collagen balance in the body is therefore highly desirable, and crucial, if your looks and facial structure are to be maintained.

Guaranteed High Quality Marine Collagen, Prowise Collagen+ Capsules are manufactured in the UK to GMP code of practice and ISO 9001 quality assurance certification. Only the finest quality raw materials in their highest and purest form are used.


Hydrolysate Marine Collagen Powder (Naticol-Fish), Vegetable Capsule Shell: HydroxyPropylMethyl-Cellulose, Chondrotin Sulfate (Fish).

Directions: Take 2 Capsules daily with meal and water. Do not exceed stated dose.

Safety Warning: Not suitable while pregnant or nursing. If on existing medication please consult your doctor or pharmacist before using ANY health supplements. Not suitable for vegetarians. Capsules should be taken one hour after eating your evening meal. Your skin will also greatly benefit from drinking 1.5 litres of water daily.

ACTIVE INGREDIENTS PER CAPSULE: Hydrolysed Pure Marine Collagen Type 1 and 2: 600mg

OTHER INGREDIENTS: Hydroxy Propyl Methyl Cellulose (HPMC) Capsule Shell, Maltodextrin .No added: Salt, starch, wheat, maize, gluten, lactose, yeast, diary, artificial preservatives, artificial colours or genetically modified organisms

Package Dimensions: 4.4 x 2.3 x 2.3 inches