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Neck health massager


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Dynamic Cervical Traction: Different from static neck traction devices, Our dynamic neck stretcher can improves and keeps neck problems, Exercise and strengthen neck muscles, Restore the natural curve of the Neck. You just need to lie down and stay relaxed, air pressure and the moving head push neck up and down for dynamic stretching. You may experience a process from pain to relief at the beginning of use, please purchase carefully for severe nerve compression pain.

Electric Pulse Massage: The neck massager Instead of a surface massage that simulates kneading and vibration, it uses 3 combinations and 12 levels of intensity, deeply stimulates the muscle groups around cervical spine to get relax, please Keep your neck moist before use to reduce stinging. (Please remove your jewelry before use, do not use this device if you have metal implants or pacemaker)

Neck Heating Therapy: Intelligent Constant Temperature Hot Compress, 3-level temperature settings: 104°F, 113°F, 122°F (40°C, 45°C, 50°C). Soothing heat therapy to aching neck muscles, increasing blood flow and allowing muscles to relax. Temperature lock protection, don't worry about the temperature being too high to hurt the neck.

All-in-One Auto Mode: One key to activate 3 or 2 functions. We set it to run for 15 mins each time, ln order to avoid excessive massage caused by ignoring the use time.Try static stretching first in initial use, while turning on heat therapy or electrotherapy to relax the neck muscles at the same time. Try stretching time for 1 minutes first, and then increase in the time without any discomfort..Neck stretching requires patience and may take weeks to months to see significant improvement.

Suitable Cervical Symptoms: 1.Cervical curvature or cervical intervertebral disc herniation; 2.Cervical spondylosis of cervical type and mild radicular spondylosis. (Not recommended for severe nerve compression pain); 3.The doctor recommends that the neck needs exercises (without osteoporosis and vertebral artery stenosis). 


  • Product name: neck health massager
  • Pulse frequency: 1-1000HZ
  • Pulse width: 125-500MS
  • Pulse shape: square wave
  • Moxibustion temperature: 40-50C
  • Power supply: input 100-240VAC frequency 50/60HZ 0.35A output 12VDC 1A